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International Women’s Day Keynote at Humana

Published: Friday March 8, 2024
Alycia with a group of women at Humana event

On International Women’s Day, Friday March 8th, I celebrated the solidarity and power of women from all backgrounds as we uplifted one another in an amazing gathering at the Humana Headquarters in Louisville, KY.

A collaborative event organized by the Access, DEI and Women’s NRGs at Humana that hosted a couple hundred of their employees traveling in from all over the United States in-person, plus more than 1,000 joining virtually online.

Together we embraced the intersectionality of the many shades of womanhood that we show up in as a collective, and I was honored to bring the inclusion of disability into that fabric as the keynote speaker!

The event was capped off with what could be argued as the most powerful women within the state of Kentucky such as the Lt. Governor – Jacqueline Coleman, the CFO of Humana – Susan Diamond and a multitude of more women leaders throughout the city delivering salutations and spreading the unity of the event.

The teams at Humana definitely know how to put on stellar events, they included a DJ, dancing, great food and a variety of other games and entertainment that brought a real sense of jubilation to the celebration.

The special touches that the team prepared for my visit like a “See Me” greenroom (WHAT!!), famous quotes of powerful women who have come before us scattered about the event, and all the rest!

Alycia siting in wheelchair on stage near a women's history month logo