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“It’s these quiet personal triumphs that give strength”

Published: Monday August 24, 2020

Most people assume the tough part of my life is that I will never, ever walk. That a full and happy life is defined by walk vs roll. And though pushing through life instead of skipping has it’s challenges and unforeseen obstacles on the regular, this is actually often the interesting part of my life.

The hardest part of my life is the stuff that no one sees other than my totally awesome husband, who takes such good care of me when it does and Milo my puppy that will literally snuggle me for days back to health.

When that occasional kidney infection knocks on my door and completely takes me out of the normal busy major hustle of everyday career progression and dream chasing… like a total thief over night.

I’m not complaining at all. This is a road I’m required to travel, part of my journey into tomorrow and I’m fully aware of its magnitude and I’m grateful. But my point I guess is we all have stuff that is so much harder than the next person will ever see or know and we can’t assume what is visible on the outside is the most difficult all the time.

It’s these quiet personal triumphs that give us the strength, know how and confidence to completely overcome the other stuff that seem so giant in the moment.

P.S. back to work tomorrow ☺️

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