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Pushing Forward with Alycia Podcast Trailer

Published: Thursday June 22, 2023

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Official Launch!

Disability is not a bad word. I want you to say it, embrace it, love it, and hire it! Immerse yourself in my transformative journey of disability advocacy and finding my way from TEDx speaker to the podcast host of Pushing Forward with Alycia. My inspiring podcast series gives disability a voice, challenges stereotypes, and promotes inclusivity.

Join me every week!

Each episode is a testament to the empowering belief that everything is possible for everyone, and I will prove and show you this through my own life experiences, testaments of resilience, persistence, and the power of my advocacy. I hope to encourage listeners to push forward, to challenge discrimination, marginalization, and ableism. I will share stories from my TEDx talk and all of the inspiring interviews and speeches that have followed. Through this podcast and together with my guest appearances we will drive forward the conversations about inclusion and diversity.

Let’s push forward together!

My weekly episodic podcast is an empowering journey, that challenges societal norms and advocates for inclusivity through a disability lens. I’ll share my experiences as a CEO who has lived my entire life from a wheelchair. I will introduce you to incredible people who share their inspiring stories of resilience, determination, advocacy and courage. This podcast will open your mind and your heart…because that’s how I/we roll.

Take action and be a part of the positive change in this world!

Join us in the Pushing Forward with Alycia podcast, where every voice matters and every story inspires. Together we will dive deep into crucial conversations about disability, a subject that is often neglected and or misunderstood.

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*** “PUSHING FORWARD WITH ALYCIA” Episodes 1 and 2 drop June 29, 2023 with new episodes every Thursday. ***