Podcast Trailer

Published: Thursday June 29, 2023

Pushing Forward with Alycia Official Trailer

Trailer Transcript:

Announcer: Meet Alycia Anderson.

Alycia Anderson: So, pumped! This is our podcast. 

Announcer: Disability advocate.

Alycia Anderson: I’m Alycia. I’m a disabled woman. I’m an empowered disabled woman. I grew up with my disability. I live my life from a wheelchair. 

Announcer: Ted X speaker.

Alycia Anderson: We’re diving into ableism today.  

Announcer: Pushing Forward with Alycia is the podcast that gives disability of voice.

Alycia Anderson: We’re pushing forward through brutal discrimination, through exclusion, through stereotypes, through marginalization, through ableism, through disbelief.  

Announcer: Whether you are a person with a disability, someone who wants to be a stronger disability advocate, or a company striving to be a more inclusive employer, you’ll learn something.

Guest Speaker: You hire disabled people, you end up with a better product. We know that. Like, that’s not up for debate. There’s tons of studies.

Alycia Anderson: Disability is the largest marginalized group, 1/7 of the global population. 

Announcer: Alycia is on a mission to prove everything is possible for everyone.

Alycia Anderson: I want you to challenge the status quo. 

Announcer: Pushing Forward with Alycia rolls out June 29th with episodes every Thursday. Learn more about Alycia and the show at Alyciaanderson.com. That’s A-L-Y-C-I-A, Anderson, with an “O” .com, click on podcast.

Alycia Anderson: And, when you turn on possible for humanity, magic will happen!