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Published: Tuesday January 14, 2020

Sales kick off at Knock with a speaker/training from LinkedIn and this slide obviously completely caught my eye. Six LinkedIn member types represented AND the image that represents “job” work, productivity, personal accomplishment, success, independence, and financial freedom is not only a woman ? but a woman who uses a wheelchair ? to make it all happen.

OMG WHAT!!!! This speaks volumes to where we are headed as a society and what we believe is possible in ourselves and others. Here I’m represented publicly as a professional and a productive member of our society and it means EVERYTHING to me!

Looks like I have new speech content, thank you Jeff Weiner and team. What an amazing unforgettable moment for me as a business executive, motivator, speaker and successful strong woman in a wheelchair! Our differences are our strengths & our opportunity. The way we choose to market our companies, products, and people is powerful and pushes forward professional change and opens the doors to possibilities and opportunities for all. We then believe in not only ourselves but others. Well done LinkedIn!

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