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Episode 9 – Barrier-Free Design | Maegan Blau

Published: Thursday August 17, 2023

Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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Welcome back to Pushing Forward with Alycia! In this episode, Alycia opens the conversation into the world of Barrier-Free Design with the super talented Maegan Blau. Get ready to have your perspective on design and accessibility totally transformed!

Meet Maegan Blau

The visionary founder behind Blue Copper Design, an Arizona-based full-service interior design studio, specializing in Barrier-Free Design. Maegan’s design philosophy l is combination of accessibility and aesthetic finesse, while embedding a barrier free philosophy with her unique universal designs.

A Personal Journey

Maegan Blau’s personal journey serves as the driving force behind her commitment to Barrier-Free Design. Overcoming challenges and embracing her own experiences, Maegan embarked on a mission to redefine accessible spaces.

  • Maegan shares her personal journey, having navigated life as a quadriplegic for over a decade.
  • Her experiences ignited a passion for creating spaces that are inclusive and empowering.
  • Blue Copper Design emerged as a result, embodying Maegan’s dedication to redefining accessible interiors.

Creating Accessible Homes with Barrier-Free Design

Alycia and Maegan spotlight the fusion of style and accessibility within Barrier-Free Design, dismantling the notion that accessible design lacks visual appeal.

Maegan’s designs resonate with individuality, functionality, and a distinct aesthetic allure. misconceptions and introducing a new paradigm. Dive into Maegan’s world of designs that seamlessly blend accessibility and style.

Breaking Down Barriers

Beyond physical barriers, Maegan’s vision extends to shifting mindsets and preconceived notions, fostering a broader understanding of Barrier-Free Design and the psychological aspects of embracing accessible design.

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