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Society for Collegiate Travel and Expense Management Conference

Published: Tuesday September 26, 2023
Alycia in front of SCTEM logo getting ready to go on stage for keynote.

As a DEIA speaker, my business takes me all over the world. It is exciting, and through these travels I am experiencing new places, cultures and meeting all kinds of amazing people from so many different backgrounds and perspectives.

The honor of impacting companies, organizations and the individuals associated with them in a positive, informative  and productive  way is always at the forefront of my mind as I work to encourage the creation of new opportunities for people with disabilities in the workplaces and workforces they run. One of my main goals is to help companies and organizations understand they have massive opportunities for change in the policies they create, and in the products and services they design and deliver.

Last week at the Society for Collegiate Travel and Expense Management conference in New Orleans, I was able to share my keynote speech on Disabling Ableism with the key decision makers representing universities and colleges from all corners of our country along with their travel partners, some of the most well known travel brands in the industry, my message of the heart of inclusion.

Inclusive disabled travel is a movement that aims to break down barriers and create equal opportunities for everyone to explore and experience the world. It is about ensuring that people with disabilities, consumers with disabilities have the same access, dignity and enjoyment when traveling as anyone else.

So this was a huge opportunity and responsibility to share with travel industry leaders about the benefits and further need for widening pathways of accessibility in the industry. I hoped to inspire them to include accessibility from the very start in all future endeavors.

Thanks so much for having me. #SCTEM2023  This was a very important moment in time of impact.