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Thank you 2023! Happy New Year 2024!

Published: Friday December 29, 2023
ID: Alycia wearing all black and a beanie with the rose. Sitting on a deck in Lake Tahoe looking over the sunset.

As I sit and read all my colleagues, friends, and associates posts about our last trip around the Sun and the new year to come, I cannot help but reflect on what a year it has been for me personally too.

It is sometimes hard to believe the path that I am now on, and I am amazed at fully realizing I have transitioned from my old nine to five and am now a few years into running my own business. The Alycia Anderson Company is growing and I am blessed to have more bookings heading into the new year than in any other year in the past, and I am so thankful for this!

It is exciting to say the least, running your own business. The challenges and joys of all it entails are as most entrepreneurs say somewhat completely all consuming, and that translates into long hours and ready for action in a moment’s notice. The fact that my business means so much to me from a personal perspective helps supply me with an immense drive to keep pushing the limits of what can be done through it and the energy to continue.

I am living the mantras of what has propelled my life to this point: I can, I should, and I will – if I am willing to try, all the while doing the best that I can with a smile.

These simple cornerstones are not unique to me, I am sure, but I also know that what is within them are the founding principles that we all need to succeed in each of our own lives. The will to keep pushing forward, the ability to settle the load and move on and the resilience to adapt to the pressures of life and continue to grow.

As a disabled woman who is nearing ever closer to a half of a century in carrying the load I have been given in this life, I am thankful for it!

  • I am grateful for everything I have found on my road less traveled and want to discover more. 
  • I am pleased with the distances that I have traveled and am ready for the journey ahead. 
  • I appreciate each small victory I have won along my path and look to attain my upcoming goals. 
  • I am filled with gratitude for all the allies I have met along the way and patiently await the next.
  • I am indebted to the community that lifts me up for my efforts and I in turn hope to repay.
  • And I am obliged to continue with the work ahead and am enthusiastic about all that is yet to come.

I encourage you all to embrace this upcoming year with like-minded optimism in your hearts even though we may know that life is sometimes not easy, that the obstacles may seem impassable, and the deeds we face overcoming are so dire…

Do not give up! Believe in yourself! Find and surround yourself with people who believe in you and think that you can do it too! Adapt, strive, and find a new way! You too will look back some day and realize what amazing things you can do! It just took a smile, some hope, and that final attempt, one last try!

Let’s connect and see what we can do together in 2024! Happy New Year!

ID: Alycia wearing all black and a beanie with the rose. Sitting on a deck in Lake Tahoe looking over the sunset. 

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