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“The Heart of Inclusion”

Published: Tuesday September 8, 2020

I was asked in an interview recently: 

If our country went to a 4-day work week, how would you spend your 5th day? My Answer:I would use the extra time to write more, speak more, and share my story more. I feel a calling to be a role model in inclusion, diversity, and belonging. This is my side hustle! Finding places to share my message and fine-tuning it to be impactful and poignant is something I feel could cause a lot of good.

This weekend on a very fitting Labor Day 3-day weekend, I decided to nestle in and write and create and explore content. The more I write and the deeper I am able to go, the content overtime seems to get richer and more impactful. I’m on a very personal journey in hopes to write that “ONE” speech. You know, the one that you see the most famous speakers of all giving over and over again. That most important speech which will stand the test of time. That one speech that even when you read it quietly on your-own, you get goosebumps and you’re affected and inspired in the moment yourself.  

Imagining the potential impact if I’m lucky enough to be hired to deliver it, feels like it could be profound.  But, even if no one ever hears my speech somehow that doesn’t matter because in the process I have grown again and developed even more in my own understanding and craft by digging deep and putting pen to paper.  

“The Heart of Inclusion” Coming soon!

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