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The Multifamily Collective

Published: Tuesday January 25, 2022

Anyone who knows about my platform knows that I’m focused on the human to human connections first and foremost. My Heart of Inclusion message is focused on learning from each other and how we can progress in an equitable way together. This opportunity to spend time with Mike Brewer on his podcast Collective Conversations was one these moments.

From the instant I met Mike I could feel that human connection sprouting and his understanding of my message coupled with the effort he put into normalizing it. It was obviously apparent in the way he related my stories to his own life. This is how magic happens.

A huge thank you to another one of my many multifamily peers stepping up to spread the love by shining a light on the empowerment of the Accessibility, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion conversation I’m bringing to the table. Check out The Multifamily Collective website to learn more about all the good work Mike is doing in the industry.

Every moment that I have an opportunity to share my story is a precious chance to destigmatizing the lenses of which we look at disability through in our society and each one of these moments builds the confidence I have that my message is helping.

The ever-growing collection of podcasts and interviews I’m featured in continues to expand with another must listen!

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