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Turning Challenges into Opportunities: Disability Advocates Lead Positive Change Amid DEI Backlash

Published: Thursday May 30, 2024
women on one side men on the other d e i circled n the middle with a wheelchair disabled symbol above the circle

PBS NewsHour reports a nationwide DEI backlash with 25 states enacting 71 related laws, sparking debate on tolerance and academic freedom. Critics claim high costs and indoctrination, while advocates emphasize DEI’s importance in addressing inequities. Disability advocate Marty Anderson shares his perspective on DEI, highlighting the significance of inclusion and empathy derived from personal experience with disability. DEI aims to create a more just and inclusive society.

GAAD 2024 | Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Published: Thursday May 16, 2024
Alycia sitting in her wheelchair looking behind at her desk near a computer.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), observed annually on the third Thursday of May, promotes digital accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities. It aims to raise awareness, promote inclusive design, provide education, and build community. Activities include workshops, webinars, and challenges. Recent advancements include WCAG 3.0, improved mobile accessibility, AI integration, updated legislation, corporate initiatives, and accessible VR/AR technologies. GAAD highlights the importance of accessibility and fosters a more inclusive digital world.

Journey of Impact: Alycia Anderson’s Return to Chico State for the Distinguished Alumni Award Celebration

Published: Sunday April 28, 2024
alycia sitting in her wheelchair next to a banner of herself before her awards ceremony

Alycia Anderson, a distinguished alumna of California State University, Chico, returned to receive the 2024 Distinguished Alumni Award from the College of Communication and Education. Despite her prior commitments, a separate event was arranged to honor her achievements in diversity, equity, and accessibility. Engaging with students and faculty, Alycia emphasized the importance of inclusive environments, fostering collaborations and initiatives within the university. Her journey from student to advocate exemplifies the transformative power of education and community support, leaving an enduring legacy for future generations.

Reflecting on Siemens Belonging Day

Published: Wednesday April 17, 2024
belonging day april sixteenth alycia anderson spoke for siemens delivering her getting to the heart of disabling ableism in the workplace keynote

Siemens Belonging Day was a celebration of inclusivity led by Alycia Anderson’s keynote, “Getting to the Heart of Disabling Ableism in the Workplace.” Nichelle Grant’s role in fostering disability inclusion paved the way for this event. Alycia’s return marked a milestone in their partnership, emphasizing the importance of belonging. The collaboration exemplifies commitment to DEI, driving positive change. Belonging Day fostered learning and reflection, reinforcing the transformative impact of inclusivity initiatives.

Empowering Minds: Alycia’s Experience at the 2024 NAMI Youth Symposium

Published: Saturday March 23, 2024
alycia sitting in her wheelchair below a large screen projecting the nami california logo

Alycia’s participation in the 2024 NAMI Youth Symposium showcased her dedication to mental health advocacy. Collaborating with NAMI California underscored the importance of eradicating stigma and ensuring access to mental health services. The event provided a platform for meaningful dialogue and action-oriented discussions, inspiring attendees to make a positive impact. Alycia emphasized the importance of collective action and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to building a more inclusive society.

Disabling Ableism at MTSA Conference 2024

Published: Monday March 4, 2024
alycia sitting in front of the michigan state capital building in her wheelchair

On February 21, 2024, I delivered the opening keynote at the Michigan Transition Services Association’s annual conference, addressing disability inclusion. MTSA supports educators, agencies, parents, and individuals with disabilities. Grateful for the opportunity to share “The Heart of Inclusion” and “Disabling Ableism” with over 2,000 attendees, I commend MTSA’s impactful work.

Distinguished Alumna, Motivational Speaker, and CEO Alycia Anderson

Published: Monday March 4, 2024
chico state distinguished alumni award seal

Alycia Anderson hasn’t always had a stage, but she’s always had her voice. From a young age, Anderson (Physical Education, ’05), has asserted herself by speaking up and living her core belief: she deserves to be included, just like everyone else. Now she is included and is a distinguished alumna, motivational speaker, and CEO living out her dreams.

Look for these DEI + Disability Developments in 2024!

Published: Tuesday January 30, 2024
the letters d e i in the center of a magnifying glass with the words such as diversity equity inclusion around it and the symbols representing disabilities circling the pre mentioned information

In 2024, expect significant developments in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Disability. Anticipate global policy updates benefiting disabled populations. Technology, especially AI, will advance for enhanced accessibility. Major corporations will focus on disability inclusion, recognizing the substantial consumer base. Increased awareness events, advocacy campaigns, and educational initiatives will drive progress. Accessible infrastructure projects, improved media representation, inclusive employment practices, and global conferences will contribute to the disability empowerment movement. Inclusive design trends and collaborative partnerships will further propel the shift towards universal accessibility and inclusion.