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Bringing the Voice of Disability to the Insurance Diversity Task Force

Published: Tuesday June 25, 2024
alycia with all of the insurance diversity task force members at the quarterly meeting in oakland

Alycia, appointed by Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara, is the first Persons with Disabilities Business Enterprise Representative on California’s Insurance Diversity Task Force. Congratulating re-elected Chair Mark Morales and new Vice-Chair Vikita Poindexter, Alycia aims to enhance equity and diversity in California’s insurance market. She looks forward to contributing to the strategic plan and the California Insurance Diversity Survey, promoting opportunities for underrepresented communities.

Journey of Impact: Alycia Anderson’s Return to Chico State for the Distinguished Alumni Award Celebration

Published: Sunday April 28, 2024
alycia sitting in her wheelchair next to a banner of herself before her awards ceremony

Alycia Anderson, a distinguished alumna of California State University, Chico, returned to receive the 2024 Distinguished Alumni Award from the College of Communication and Education. Despite her prior commitments, a separate event was arranged to honor her achievements in diversity, equity, and accessibility. Engaging with students and faculty, Alycia emphasized the importance of inclusive environments, fostering collaborations and initiatives within the university. Her journey from student to advocate exemplifies the transformative power of education and community support, leaving an enduring legacy for future generations.

Distinguished Alumna, Motivational Speaker, and CEO Alycia Anderson

Published: Monday March 4, 2024
chico state distinguished alumni award seal

Alycia Anderson hasn’t always had a stage, but she’s always had her voice. From a young age, Anderson (Physical Education, ’05), has asserted herself by speaking up and living her core belief: she deserves to be included, just like everyone else. Now she is included and is a distinguished alumna, motivational speaker, and CEO living out her dreams.


Published: Tuesday November 7, 2023
alycia checking out at a cashier wearing a rainbow halloween costume

#PurpleTuesday, is a day created to recognize the importance and need of improving the disabled customer experience. We are living in a world that is increasingly consumer-driven, so it’s crucial that we ensure equal access and opportunities for all, regardless of ability. So I wanted to take a moment to talk about consumer equality for … read more… #PurpleTuesday

Voting Accessibility

Published: Monday October 24, 2022
ID: Alycia wearing a brown hate and white striped shirt with her I voted sticker on her shirt smiling.

I support Equitable Access to vote! People with disabilities face a ton of barriers in Voting Accessibility. Barriers such as a total lack of Accessible Polling locations and machines or restrictions on absentee voting practices. Imagine making your way to vote and there is no access to enter the polling station with your assistive devices such as your wheelchair or … read more… Voting Accessibility