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Episode 11 – The Essence of Empathy | Michael Tennant

Published: Thursday August 31, 2023

Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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Exploring The Power of Empathy with Michael Tennant

Step into the realm of empathy and inclusivity with another thought-provoking episode of Pushing Forward with Alycia. In Episode 11, Alycia Anderson delves deep into the world of empathy, advocacy, and inclusivity alongside the dynamic Michael Tennant, a visionary entrepreneur, author, and creator of Curiosity Lab. Micael has been featured in The New York Times, Oprah, and The Today Show.

The Power of “Actually Curious”

The brainchild of Curiosity Lab’s initiative aims at fostering empathy, and is a holistic storytelling hub committed to promoting inclusivity, empathy, and overall well-being.

Every variant of Actually Curious is enriched with insights from psychologists, journalists, crisis negotiators, game developers, cultural influencers, and other specialists, all working collaboratively to impart empathy skills through interactive play.

Crafting Conversations, Igniting Empathy

Learn about, and play along, with the game Actually Curious, the empathy conversation card game created by Michael Tennant. Discover how:

  • Actually Curious bridges gaps and sparks deep dialogues.
  • Empathy Cards inspire thought-provoking conversations.
  • Five Phases of Empathy model enhances growth and understanding.

Connect with Michael Tennant

michael tennant wearing glasses and a jacket with a collared shirt

Michael Tennant, is an award-winning media, advertising, and nonprofit veteran for companies like MTV, VICE Media, P&G, CocaCola, and Google.

In the 2000s, he sat front seat to the rise of VICE, today’s leading voice in millennial media, and brought with him a dedicated approach to long-term authentic community building.

Engage with him on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Exploring Resources for Empathy

Explore Michael Tennant’s journey and initiatives through these invaluable resources:

  • Discover his book The Power of Empathy on Amazon.
  • Learn more about his creative endeavors at Curiosity Lab.

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