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Episode 38 – Jillian (Ilana) Curwin: Dwarfism Champion and Advocate

Published: Thursday March 14, 2024

Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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Welcome Jillian (Ilana) Curwin!

jillian curwin standing on a brick floor wearing tan business attire crossing her legs with her hands in her pockets

Alycia Anderson sits down with the vibrant Jillian Curwin, known in the digital sphere as Jillian Ilana, for another episode of “Pushing Forward with Alycia.” As an advocate, podcaster, and storyteller, Jillian uses her platforms to challenge perceptions and standup for the dwarfism community. From the streets of New York to the airwaves of her podcast “Always Looking Up,” Jillian is a powerful voice of inclusivity, visibility, and understanding. This conversation highlights the importance of representation, the transformative power of media, and Jillian’s personal narrative of growth and advocacy.

Episode Highlights:

💪 Jillian’s inspiration from seeing Sinead Burke on the cover of British Vogue and how it motivated her to believe in the possibility of representation and to start her own initiatives.

📚 Insights into dwarfism and the importance of fostering an inclusive society.

🎨 Jillian’s passion for fashion and her crusade for representation in every facet of media.

❗The power of respectful engagement and how provides an openness to answering questions about dwarfism and disability.

🗣️ The impact of “Always Looking Up” and the rich family ties the podcast has.

Inspirational Quote:

We are not defined by our limitations, but by the heights we reach despite them.

Jillian Curwin

Further Reading on Dwarfism:

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Connect with Jillian:

jillian curwin standing against a brick wall

Instagram: @jill_ilana | Website: Jillian Ilana | LinkedIn: Jillian Curwin | Podcast: “Always Looking Up”: Tune In

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