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Episode 47 – Honoring Mothers: Stories of Love & Legacy

Published: Thursday May 16, 2024

Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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A tribute to Peggy and Marsha

alycia and marty holding their hands in the air sitting close together in front of a video camera displaying them in screens of the camera

Welcome to a very special Mother’s Day episode of “Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast,” where we turn the spotlight to the exceptional women who shaped us—our mothers. In this heartfelt episode, Alycia and her husband, Marty, open up about the enduring influence of their late mothers and the profound lessons they imparted.

Marty reminisces about his mother, Peggy, who overcame life’s sudden shifts to nurture a large family with unwavering strength and intelligence. From her early days as a valedictorian to her resilient motherhood against all odds, Peggy’s story speaks to the power of love and dedication.

Alycia shares the precious few memories of her mother, Marsha, whose untimely departure left a lasting void. Marsha’s legacy, enriched through stories passed down by family and friends, highlights her kindness, style, and the deep love she had for her family. Despite her brief time, her impact is profound and everlasting.

In their conversation, Alycia and Marty share lessons on resilience, love, and family their mothers left them. From overcoming adversity to prioritizing family above all else, this episode is a tribute to the women who not only gave them life but also taught them how to live it fully.

🌟 Episode Highlights:

🔹 The Journey of a Lifetime: Marty’s mother’s transition from young scholar to superhero mom of nine.

🔹 Marsha’s Legacy: How Alycia’s mother’s style and spirit continue to inspire her.

🔹 Family First: Both mothers’ unshakeable belief in the power of family unity.

🔹 A Legacy of Love: Reflecting on the emotional letters left by Marsha, offering comfort beyond her years.

Quote from Alycia on her mother’s lasting presence

I just need to lay in bed and close my eyes and talk to her… I’ve never felt alone.

Alycia Anderson

Quote from Marty on his mother’s advice:

Always think about what you promise you’re going to do and be sure that you can fulfill that promise.

Marsten “Marty” Anderson

🎧 Join us in celebrating the indomitable spirits of Peggy and Marsha, whose teachings resonate through time. It’s a conversation about love, loss, and the eternal bonds that mothers forge. Tune in and hold your loved ones a little closer today.

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