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Episode 51 – Twinning is Winning! | Celebrating Sisterhood

Published: Thursday June 13, 2024

Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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Join us for a special birthday episode of “Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast,” where Alycia Anderson celebrates with her twin sister, Regina, and their sister Corinna, who hosts the conversation. Titled “Twinning is Winning,” this episode explores the deep and unique bond between twins.

Alycia and Regina reflect on their favorite birthday moments, the funny incidents they’ve experienced, and the immense support they provide each other. They discuss how their connection has been a source of strength, particularly for Alycia in her journey with a disability. Regina’s advocacy and companionship underscore the importance of family support in overcoming life’s challenges.

Key Takeaways:

🎂 Favorite birthday celebrations and surprises

😂 Funny twin switcheroo and mix-up stories

💪 The role of sibling advocacy and support

❤️❤️ The unique and powerful bond of twins

Twin Communication:

Alycia and Regina shared examples of their own “twin language” or nonverbal communication and share specific instances where this unique bond helped them in critical situations.


My twin is my secret weapon, my internal ally who has always advocated for me to be right beside her no matter what.

Alycia Anderson

Join us in this heartwarming episode to celebrate the incredible bond of sisterhood and find inspiration in Alycia and Regina’s shared journey.

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