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Happy National Disability Employment Awareness Month!

Published: Monday October 2, 2023
Alycia sitting in her wheelchair in front of green cactus, wearing a jean jacket and black pants and boots holding a sign that says The Heart of Inclusion.

Happy National Disability Employment Awareness Month #NDEAM! ❤️

Disability is a unique opportunity to showcase extraordinary abilities and redefine what it means to be awesome in the workplace

~ Alycia Anderson

Empower yourselves and your employees with my microlearning series, Disabling Ableism. The modern pathway to inclusion.

disabling ableism the modern pathway to inclusion microlearning series

A microlearning series designed to introduce the inherent benefits of disability inclusion, lessons on ableism, accessibility and innovation, the importance of language, understanding microaggressions and how to move forward on the modern pathway to inclusion.

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