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Alycia Anderson’s Inspirational Journey to Humana Brings Results!

Published: Wednesday March 27, 2024
Alycia with a group of Women at Humana event

A Triumph of Caring, Curious, and Committed Leadership

humana headquarters building in downtown louisville kentucky

In celebration of 2024 International Women’s Day (IWD), Alycia Anderson embarked on a journey to Louisville, Kentucky, to deliver a keynote address at the headquarters of one of the largest healthcare providers in our nation, Humana. This special day falling within the annual observance of Women’s History Month served as a poignant backdrop to highlight the impact of the message Alycia delivered to this company of nearly 70,000 employees. 

The event was originally earmarked for a slot in October for National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) yet due to the limited time constraints in crafting the initial target, rather than rushing through a check off the box manner the team at Humana wisely delayed allowing for the event to be organized in a meticulously well formed way that not only honored the message of disability inclusion but elevated it through the intersection of Alycia as a woman.

The event was spearheaded by Chantelle Johnson (Associate Vice President
Enterprise Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), Kellie Burke (Diverse Talent Strategy Advancement Lead),  Suzanne Vigeland (Director, Associate Experience, Culture), Dana Wilson (Diversity and Inclusion Lead & Co-Host of the Humana Radio Culture Club), and Betty Henríquez (I&D Leader, Office of Inclusion and Diversity), along with collaborators from Humana’s Access and Women’s NRG staff.

Elevating Engagement: Alycia’s Transformative Event Experience

The carefully laid out event included moments of connection and inspiration woven throughout, the likes of which raise the bar for The Alycia Anderson Company’s expectations for future engagements. From shared stories of triumph to heartfelt exchanges with attendees, the event buzzed with energy and camaraderie. Grits, Green Rooms, a DJ, dancing and C-Suite level guests on hand added to the festive atmosphere, creating an environment where friendships flourished.

Three vital Humana NRGs: DEI, Access, and Women’s contributed to the initiative, and from the moment Alycia began her discourse, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation, as nearly a thousand associates (in-person & virtual) gathered to listen to her powerful narrative. Her words encapsulated the essence of resilience, determination, and inclusivity, embodying the very spirit of the event.

NRG Humana, doing an amaizing job… Great job NRG and DEI!!! …Absolutely AMAZING!

Comments from post event surveys.

Resonating Impact: Reflections on Alycia’s Empowering Message

The feedback from attendees spoke volumes, reflecting a unanimous sentiment of admiration and inspiration. Participants resonated deeply with Alycia’s message, affirming that her insights were not only relevant but also profoundly impactful. Many expressed gratitude for the opportunity to gain awareness about accessibility efforts, the power of unity, and the importance of fostering an inclusive culture.

In awe of the caliber of the event!

Real-time / In-person Feedback
alycia with woman kneeling to talk with alycia in front of the i w d sign with purple balloons

The event was not only a platform for personal growth but also a testament to Humana’s commitment to fostering a culture of diversity and empowerment. The presence of influential figures like Jacqueline Coleman (Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky), Susan Diamond (Chief Financial Officer at Humana) and key moments, such as when Carolyn Tandy (Senior Vice-President Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer at Humana), acknowledged the significance of Alycia’s message. All of this underscored the event’s impact and allyship to be found at the occasion.

Could feel the love through the TV screen!

Real-time / Virtual Feedback
alycia speaking with a mom after her speech

Further amplifying the message of unity and progress, mothers who attended shared stories of empowerment, echoing Alycia’s journey of overcoming obstacles and defying expectations. 

alycias post speech survey results from nine hundred and eighty five attendees solicted forty three percent survey completion rate with virtually one hundred percent of surveyors agreeing that alycias speech was clearly communicated relevent to their roles and the session return was greater than the time they invested to attend resulting in a world net promoeter score of eighty eight

Fostering Inclusivity: Alycia’s Impact on Diverse Audiences

Her story struck a chord with individuals from various walks of life, resonating particularly with those who have faced adversity themselves or have loved ones navigating challenges, and her emphasis on dismantling ableism and promoting inclusion left an indelible mark, fostering a collective commitment to creating a more equitable and supportive environment.

Excellent speaker and I learned so much from her talk… Humana should bring her back again… Loved the messaging and Alycia’s story… very inspiring. thank you!

Comments from post event surveys.
alycia in her see me green room talking with humana employees who have come to meet her before her speech

The resonance of Alycia’s message and the event’s impact reverberated through the feedback, highlighting the essence of International Women’s Day and the values of Caring, Curious, and Committed leadership. 

As attendees reflected on the event, they voiced their appreciation for Alycia’s candidness, her ability to inspire change, and her unwavering strength. 

Charting the Path Forward: Building on Success for Inclusive Communities

Looking ahead, the event organizers are already contemplating ways to build upon this success, creating environments where individuals feel valued, respected, and treated with kindness. Through empathy, active listening, and a commitment to inclusivity, they aim to nurture communities where every person can thrive.

Everything. I was in tears after this. So inspiring.

Survey response to the question, What did you find most valuable?

In closing, Alycia Anderson’s journey serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment, reminding us all of the transformative power of resilience, unity, and compassion. Together as Humana and Alycia Anderson  continue to champion diversity and inclusion, they pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future for all.