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Accessibility + #NDEAM

Published: Tuesday October 18, 2022

Over 1.4 billion people #Worldwide#Identify as #Disabled.

#Disability is the one #Identity that can and is likely to happen to all of us at some point in life (full stop).

⭐️️ #Accessibility is a path to freedom, independence and should be a basic human right.

Accessibility at #Work allows everyone the full human experience:

✔️ #Career dream chasing
✔️ True equal #Opportunities
✔️ The chance to climb up the #Professional ladder to success
✔️ A spot for the long overdue seat at the table

Consider accessible paths for these types of disabilities:

✔️ Visual (sight, contrast, color, font size, …) 
✔️ Motor/mobility (wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, arms, hands, …) 
✔️ Auditory (hearing, captioning, signing, visual queuing, …)
✔️ Speech (stuttering, mutism, dysarthria, …)
✔️ Learning/cognitive/neurological (dyslexia, autism, adhd, ptsd, …)

#Benefits of accessibility in the workplace:

? Drives #Innovation and #Creativity
? Increases business #Productivity
? Advances #Employment opportunities
? Promotes larger talent pool of employment candidates
? Expands #Customer base

⭐️ Fact. Without accessibility in the #Workplace there is no #Inclusion.

Side view of Alycia on stage. Looking up the steps. Wearing all black with a bun in hair.

To be successful in anything it takes effort to broaden perspectives and understanding. This often takes a shift in mindset; it requires #Action and it needs to be repeated …. over and over and over again… until we get it right.

?? Here is a great blog on 10 ways to #Implement an #Accessible workplace @EnergyResourcingGroup

Now let’s get to work! Off to the #Office! ☺️

Everyday should be ✴️ National Disability Employment Awareness Month. #NDEAM

Alycia on stage to speak in front of crowd. Wearing all black with a bun in hair.

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ID: Alycia riding the elevator up to the stage to speak. Wearing all black with a bun in hair looking up.

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