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Episode 24: Runway of Dreams founder, Mindy Scheier

Published: Thursday December 7, 2023
mindy scheier episode twenty four of pushing forward with alycia disability fashion

Alycia features Mindy Scheier, founder of Runway of Dreams and Gamut Management. Inspired by her son’s challenges, Mindy transitioned from a fashion designer to an advocate for inclusive fashion. Her mission led to collaborations with brands like Tommy Hilfiger, promoting adaptive fashion and emphasizing clothing’s role in fostering confidence and personal identity.

Episode 17 – Flight for Equality: Disabled Travelers Unite

Published: Thursday October 12, 2023
flight for equality disabled travelers unite this weeks episode seventeen of pushing forward with alycia

Welcome to Pushing Forward with Alycia, where we embrace the power of resilience, ambition, and conquering adversity. Our community believes in the boundless potential within every individual. Today, Marty, Alycia’s also disabled husband and road warrior, joins the podcast to share the challenges when traveling on an airplane. Travel, for them, often requires sacrificing a … read more… Episode 17 – Flight for Equality: Disabled Travelers Unite

Challenges of Navigating Airline Travel in a Wheelchair

Published: Tuesday October 3, 2023
Alycia Anderson getting a full body search from TSA agent

By Marsten Anderson The Alycia Anderson Company Staff In the Modern World Destinations around the globe are becoming ever more accessible and the need for traveling by air for many has increased in frequency and necessity.  Making your way through airports, security checkpoints, terminals, to your gates and eventually on to the plane can be daunting for … read more… Challenges of Navigating Airline Travel in a Wheelchair

Pushing Forward with Alycia Podcast has Officially Launched!

Published: Thursday July 6, 2023
introducing your host alycia

In honor of all that is going on with my Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility Business and in celebration of Disability Pride Month, I have officially launched my podcast, Pushing Forward with Alycia! This podcast is a passion project of mine that has come to fruition through many long hours in collaboration with esteemed members … read more… Pushing Forward with Alycia Podcast has Officially Launched!

Intersectionality, Ableism, and Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Published: Thursday June 1, 2023
Alycia sitting on a picnic bench wearing a yellow jacket and black pants with her wheelchair next to her.

26% of people have a disability (1 in 4 Americans), yet it’s estimated that less than 6% of the national housing supply is designed to be accessible. Recognizing the relationships that exist between disability, intersectionality, and the glass ceilings that have yet to be broken in multifamily and the workplace are important concepts to understand … read more… Intersectionality, Ableism, and Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Mothers Day

Published: Sunday May 14, 2023
ID: Alycia and her mom in a wedding pushing her wheelchair down a rocky road carrying flowers

This is my mom, Marsha. She is the most beautiful woman ever. I may be biased but I’m pretty sure she is. She was pregnant in this photo with my brother Nicholas. Regina (my twin) and I were just 5 years old. Shortly after “Nick” was born she was diagnosed with leukemia and one year … read more… Mothers Day

“Accessibility is Human”

Published: Wednesday May 10, 2023
ID: Catarina wearing red with glasses and smiling. Brian wearing blue and smiling. Alycia wearing white with glasses smiling. On a shared webinar screen with.

A great conversation about “Accessibility is Human” and how promoting the idea that accessibility is not just a technical issue, but a matter of human rights and inclusivity. Happy to be a part of this conversation and partner with Hummingbird Humanity and honored to share space with and learn from Catarina Rivera, MSEd, MPH, CPACC & Brian McComak, MSM, LGBTQ ❤️ … read more… “Accessibility is Human”

Accessibility in the workplace

Published: Tuesday April 11, 2023
heading of image says did you know alycia on stage with slide that says 98 percent of worlds top websites are not fully accessible

Accessibility in the workplace creates an environment where employees with disabilities can access and participate. This includes things such as physical accessibility, providing accessible entrances, restrooms, and workstations, as well as technological accessibility, providing assistive technology and accessible digital content. Accessibility at work is not only a legal requirement under the Americans with Disabilities Act … read more… Accessibility in the workplace

“Can I say disability?”

Published: Monday April 10, 2023
ID: Testimonial sent to Alycia that reads: Hi Alycia. Happy Friday! I wanted to share with you that, because of your speech and message at the conference, I've started using the word "disability" when speaking to teachers and parents. This is something new for me because, like many people, I was tip toe-ing around the word, not realizing that's actually perpetuating the negative stigma around disabilities.

Language is POWERFUL! And YES, it definitely matters. Language is a fundamental part of our human connection and it shapes the way we think, perceive and interact with the world around us and others. The words we use to communicate and, and the way we use them, can have a profound impact on our relationships, … read more… “Can I say disability?”