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DEI + Disability with Etsy’s Beth Wiesendanger

Published: Monday July 17, 2023
Etsy D&I Senior Manager of DEI wearing black with hair in bun

I’m so excited to share episode #4 of Pushing Forward with Alycia. This episode focuses on DEI+Disability where I interviewed Beth Wiesendanger, Senior Manager of DEI at Etsy.

If you are a #Diversity, #Equity & #Inclusion executive that is looking to become familiar with how disability falls within the DEI industry or you are a human resources professional that wants to understand what your employees with disabilities care about, this is a must catch episode.

Both Beth and I have lived experiences from young girls to adult women living life with disabilities. In this episode we share our joy in finding friendship as professional peers! I met Beth through a mutual colleague, Christina Goldschmidt VP and Head of Product Design at Etsy, who I shared a stage with at the California State University of Chico’s Neurodiversity Symposium which we both spoke at last year, and through her act of allyship introduced us to one another.

Christina must have known that Beth and I would find a mutual respect for one another, and because of that act of allyship, Beth and I would eventually collaborate on this episode and will hopefully carry our new found friendship well beyond.

Beth works with Christina at Etsy through their DEI and Accessibility departments, and I am so thankful that she rolled me into this amazing sisterhood with Beth, a disabled woman in leadership making waves like me. Something that unfortunately has been rare in our corporate careers but we are hopeful is changing for the better, and to say we immediately connected would be an understatement.

I hope you enjoy this episode as another way to celebrate #DisabilityPrideMonth this July!

A quote What an empowering act to embrace myself as  not just a woman with a disability but a disabled woman with a capital D.


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