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Episode 17 – Flight for Equality: Disabled Travelers Unite

Published: Thursday October 12, 2023
flight for equality disabled travelers unite this weeks episode seventeen of pushing forward with alycia

Welcome to Pushing Forward with Alycia, where we embrace the power of resilience, ambition, and conquering adversity. Our community believes in the boundless potential within every individual. Today, Marty, Alycia’s also disabled husband and road warrior, joins the podcast to share the challenges when traveling on an airplane. Travel, for them, often requires sacrificing a … read more… Episode 17 – Flight for Equality: Disabled Travelers Unite

Episode 15 – The Strength of Sisterhood 💪 | Meet Corinna, the Younger Sister ❤️

Published: Thursday September 28, 2023
episode fifteen pushing forward with alycia the strength of sisterhood corinna busciglio kamilli

In this heartwarming episode of Pushing Forward with Alycia, join Alycia and her younger sister, Corinna Busciglio, as they journey down memory lane. Discover how sibling bonds, support, and unique perspectives have shaped their lives. A Tale of Two Sisters Explore the dynamic between Alycia, a motivational speaker advocating for disability inclusion, and her younger … read more… Episode 15 – The Strength of Sisterhood 💪 | Meet Corinna, the Younger Sister ❤️

Give Disability a Voice

Published: Monday May 15, 2023
alycia sitting at a table outside with a cup of coffee and her wheelchair next to her she is wearing white with her hair down

Recently I spoke virtually to a group of disabled women (my peers / my sisters) at the Boundless Babe Society that was created to help women with disabilities all over the world learn to level up in life. Being among others that look like me and understand me because they too are living the challenges … read more… Give Disability a Voice

Black History Month and the Disability Rights Movement

Published: Wednesday February 1, 2023
ID: Brad Lomax with Judith Heumann both disability rights advocates bit sitting in their wheelchairs. Brad holding a microphone speaking to the crowd.

Much of the achievements in impactful change for marginalized groups in America has been led by Black Americans with disabilities. The facts are the civil rights movement had a significant and direct impact on the advancements of the disability rights movement. This month as we honor #BlackHistoryMonth and its importance, let us remember to lift up Black Americans … read more… Black History Month and the Disability Rights Movement

Thanks for Having Me-Confluent!

Published: Monday November 14, 2022
ID: Alycia waving with Confluent AccessAbility Team on a zoom presentation blue screen getting ready to give her #DisablingAbleism#Keynote to the Team. We are all smiling and excited!

You guys…I’m having so much fun ? doing this advocacy work of disability inclusion in the workplace! I’m literally meeting the most amazing people, who work for the coolest organizations, that have the best ❤️s. People and companies who are making such a difference for their teams and customers by being intentional in amplifying diverse voices. And in this … advancing a greater level of knowledge, understanding … read more… Thanks for Having Me-Confluent!

Fleishman Hillard DEI Summit 2022

Published: Thursday November 3, 2022
ID: Alycia sitting ready to speak in her studio wearing black and smiling big excited to be at the event!

Thanks so much for inviting me to speak at your DEI Summit 2022 today FleishmanHillard! ? The theme “Agents of #Change” was so good! Inspiring teams to leverage #Strengths and #Superpowers to find paths forward in reaching personal and professional goals and dreams! LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for embracing my message of #DisablingAbleism and for creating space for #Disability#Inclusion and #Accessibility within your organization and beyond! ID: … read more… Fleishman Hillard DEI Summit 2022

Accessibility + #NDEAM

Published: Tuesday October 18, 2022
Alycia riding the elevator up to the stage to speak. Wearing all black with a bun in hair looking up.

Over 1.4 billion people #Worldwide#Identify as #Disabled. #Disability is the one #Identity that can and is likely to happen to all of us at some point in life (full stop). ⭐️️ #Accessibility is a path to freedom, independence and should be a basic human right. Accessibility at #Work allows everyone the full human experience: ✔️ #Career dream chasing✔️ True equal #Opportunities✔️ The chance to climb up the #Professional ladder to … read more… Accessibility + #NDEAM

United Spinal Association #StrongWheeled Together Awards Finalist

Published: Wednesday September 7, 2022
alycia united soinal strong wheeled together video listing

I am so excited to have been selected as a finalist for the #StrongWheeled Together awards in the entrepreneurship & innovation category! Read about the finalist announcement on the United Spinal Association’s website. Voting is now open to the public to decide the winner, so, please give me a vote by going to my YouTube … read more… United Spinal Association #StrongWheeled Together Awards Finalist

WomanUP!® 2022 National Conference!

Published: Tuesday September 6, 2022
ID: Alycia sitting in her wheelchair sitting on stage wearing read giving Heart of Inclusion speech presentation.

Last week the WomanUP!® 2022 National Conference invited me to be the keynote speaker and close out their multi day event for them! The WomanUP! organization, is an initiative of the California Association of REALTORS®, which supports the journey of women to the very TOP of their careers. They asked me to share my story … read more… WomanUP!® 2022 National Conference!