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Sparkle and Shine like You’re on the Victoria’s Secret Stage

Published: Wednesday November 1, 2023
alycia speaking on victorias secret stage in front of christmas trees and presents

May you sparkle and shine every day just like you were on the Victoria’s Secret stage. Dreams come true if you believe deeply, work really hard and lead with heart and conviction. Last month I rolled onto the Victoria’s Secret & Co. stage at their Columbus, Ohio headquarters. O-M-G a dream come true. This is … read more… Sparkle and Shine like You’re on the Victoria’s Secret Stage

Virtual Keynote for Motive

Published: Monday October 23, 2023
alycia sitting in her wheelchair wearing a leopard skin blouse giving a thumbs up and pointing at her laptop with the motive logo showing on it

Thank you Motive for the opportunity to contribute to your #NDEAM Speaker Series virtual event and for recognizing the importance of National Disability Employment Awareness Month! I was excited to deliver my Disabling Ableism in the Workplace keynote for your team. Motive is a technology company that builds products to improve the safety, productivity, and profitability … read more… Virtual Keynote for Motive

Celebrating Women’s History Month with A&F!

Published: Tuesday March 1, 2022
diversity equity belonging inclusion abercrombie and fitch company logo

Abercrombie & Fitch has invited me back to speak this month naming me the keynote speaker of their WHM Program event, celebrating Women’s History Month! I will deliver a new speech, on Recognizing Disability and Intersectionality on March 15th, 2022!

Baddie B Conference

Published: Thursday February 10, 2022
baddie b conference marketing banner

I’m excited to share, I will be delivering a NEW speech, NEW content at the Baddie B Conference on Feb 25th, 2022! The Baddie B Club stems from their very successful Podcast with over 750k downloads. Baddie B’s are women “all having one thing in common; they are ordinary women doing extraordinary things.” We will … read more… Baddie B Conference

Club 21 Learning and Resource Center

Published: Tuesday January 11, 2022
club 21 learning and resource center logo

I’m excited to share, I will be delivering a speech for Club 21 Learning and Resource Center on January 28th, 2022! Club 21 provides the educational tools and resources that enable individuals with Down Syndrome to be fully included. Their goal is for every individual with Down Syndrome to have independence, access, and belonging.  We … read more… Club 21 Learning and Resource Center

Trilogy Residential Management

Published: Sunday December 5, 2021
trilogy residential management logo

I’m excited to share that I will be delivering my Disabling Ableism: The Modern Pathway to Inclusion speech to Trilogy Residential Management virtually on December 6, 2021 followed by a live Question & Answer session.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Published: Friday December 3, 2021
grace hill logo

Honored to have my friends at Grace Hill choose to feature my message of “Disabling Ableism: The Modern Pathway to Inclusion” today in recognition of International Day of Persons with Disabilities. “Harvard Business Review defines ableism as ‘a discrimination or social prejudice against people with disabilities based on the belief that typical abilities are superior.’ It is … read more… International Day of Persons with Disabilities

When the dots of the past align with the present.

Published: Tuesday November 9, 2021
image of alycia with students she spoke to at chico state university

I got to speak at California State University Chico my undergraduate alma mater today! Where the dots of my past fully aligned with my present. It’s the people, places and experiences that shape us and guide us. This was an absolute full circle day for me! This was a lovely day ♥️

Women Future Conference – Speaking on Overcoming Adversity

Published: Monday November 1, 2021
alycia will be a virtual speaker at the women future conference november first through the fifth

The #WomenFutureConference is a five-day virtual event for ambitious women in business happening virtually November 1-5. I am thrilled to be speaking about Overcoming Adversity. “You are the Hero of Your Story.” This conference is for women in all stages of their careers and life to learn, network, and be inspired. Other session topics include #MentalHealth and financial wellness, #ImposterSyndrome#WorkLifeBalance, #Mentorship, #Workplace#Diversity, … read more… Women Future Conference – Speaking on Overcoming Adversity