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Episode 52 – Lyme Disease Awareness | Kimberly Daya

Published: Thursday June 20, 2024

Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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Welcome Kimberly Daya

In this episode of ‘Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast,’ host Alycia Anderson discusses the challenges and misconceptions surrounding invisible / non-apparent disabilities with guest Kimberly Daya. Kimberly shares her personal journey with Lyme disease, misdiagnosis, and the impact of chronic illness on her life.

Stigmas and non-apparent disabilities

Highlighting the importance of empathy and understanding, the conversation delves into the stigmas associated with non-apparent disabilities and the need for better awareness in society and the workplace. Kimberly also talks about her podcast, ‘Humanity Unlocked,’ which aims to showcase the humanity in diverse experiences and foster a deeper connection among people.

Alycia and Kimberly provide an unflinching look at:

🔘 Kimberly’s harrowing path from mysterious symptoms to finally receiving a Lyme disease diagnosis after first being misdiagnosed with MS [00:02:00 – 00:06:30]

🔘 Navigating judgment from others who can’t comprehend the depths of chronic, degenerative fatigue and disability: “It’s like comparing a normal headache to a migraine.” [00:10:00 – 00:12:00]

🔘 The freedom in releasing the need for others’ approval and prioritizing one’s own health over perceived norms when facing an invisible chronic illness [00:12:30 – 00:13:30]

Other Highlights

00:00 Introduction and Opening Quote

01:39 Introducing Kimberly Daya

02:30 Kimberly’s Diagnosis Journey

05:58 Challenges with Lyme Disease Diagnosis

07:39 Living with Chronic Illness

09:18 Empathy and Judgment

14:43 Positive Aspects of Illness

16:55 Humanity Unlocked Podcast

22:10 Final Thoughts and Pushing Forward Moment


I think my thing is put judgment on the back burner or check judgment at the door and lean in with curiosity. And you really can’t lose with that.

Kimberly Daya

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