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Christina Siegfried

Alycia has a can do attitude every day. You never hear her complain. Although she has had to overcome many obstacles and in societies eyes she is considered to have a physical challenge; to know her you would not know she has any challenges in accomplishing anything she sets her mind to. My first encounter … read more… Christina Siegfried

Regina Weinstein

alycia in red dress at miss wheelchair california competition

Bravery and boldness have always defined Alycia. She decided on this day that she could not wait any longer to share her message. Being part of Ms. Wheelchair California was a goal she set and achieved. Alycia’s speech, one of the 1st to set the tone of her very important message of inclusion through her … read more… Regina Weinstein

Faith Pigeon

Alycia has inspired me in so, so many ways. She is so deeply authentic and compassionate, and this trickles down into all aspects of her life, especially her work. She reaches out to everyone to lend a helping hand and does not expect anything in return — this is a rare gem nowadays. I am … read more… Faith Pigeon

Lisa Pigeon

marty and alycia with martys sisters lisa debbie andre and jennifer

I have known Alycia for more than three decades!! My first memory was hearing about a crush on the tennis courts. That crush would mature into a beautiful love story with my brother, Marty. I have memories of Alycia waitressing at a local restaurant to put herself through college. I remember following the stories of … read more… Lisa Pigeon

Debby Damgaard

marty and alycia at creative mornings inclusivity speech

She not only is a smart, beautiful accomplished woman…. BUT she has NO fear and doesn’t apologize for who she is, how people view her, and just SHOWS you there are NO LIMITS to what you can do! Her sense of humor, adventure and her warm and loving heart ❤️ is why she is SO … read more… Debby Damgaard

Ray Pigeon

Alycia is a beautiful, compassionate, and intelligent woman who has inspired a multitude of people in her life. She is not defined by her physical limitations and goes out of her way to help others. Her community, friends, and family are blessed to have her in their lives.

Rhiannon Priolini

alycia marty rhiannon and her papa having dinner together

You inspire me everyday to be the best I can be and to be a better human. You are kind, smart, funny, caring, giving and beautiful. You are always there for me and I’m beyond grateful and blessed you’re my bestie! Your words need to be heard! Love you, xoxoxo

Jennifer Anderson

alycia on stage giving speech to pacific charter institute

Every day she is a bright ray of sunshine and cheerleader to everyone around her 🙂