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Liz Rogacki

Hearing Alycia’s story for the first time was incredibly inspiring and uplifting. She really made myself and our company have a new perspective in why we do what we do. The impact we can create by opening our hearts and our minds to inclusion & diversity is so powerful. Thanks again, Alycia!!

Adrianne Bauer

Alycia’s heartfelt message helped me understand how important and transformative the work we do at Trip Hazard is. While we always use ADA as our North Star, to see the actual impact drives home how important the work we do is! As I have known Alycia for quite a while, the bravery and courage to … read more… Adrianne Bauer

Darcey Forbes

I’ve known Alycia’s story since the day I met her and I was immediately connected to her and her family. I knew she had an inspiring story to tell the world. When she spoke to our company about inclusion I was not only a friend in the audience but her biggest fan and was inspired … read more… Darcey Forbes

LaQueita Roberts

Alycia, Is wonderful! She has truly been a supportive part of the Monarch Dayton region. Her attitude and positivity is super infectious. You inspire me everytime i hear your voice or video chat. Thank you for all you do.


alycia with good friend nina

I have had the privilege of working along side Alycia for the last 7 years and in that time, I have been blessed with a partner, a friend, but mostly a role model in my life. I am personally inspired by Alycia’s insanely best attitude, tenacity, and dedication all while being a force that can … read more… Nina

Christina Treadaway

I just adore Alycia, always have! We met years ago in the Bay Area through work. I was introduced by Regina, Alycia’s twin, and IMMEDIATELY felt connected to Alycia’s qualities that are beautiful gifts to both she and her sister – heart, hustle, kindness, depth, caring, and fun. Beyond those, Alycia has a bold spirit … read more… Christina Treadaway

Peggy Sellery

Alycia, there are simply not enough words for me to express how much I admire you. Literally, every time I read one of your posts, my cup runneth over! Your strength and your positivity and your insight is infectious. Your viewpoint is empowering for EVERYONE, and your message is pure and uplifting. Truly, YOUR LIGHT … read more… Peggy Sellery

Andrea Prentiss

Dear Alycia, You inspire me with your optimism, energy, and determination… the way you don’t let anything hold you back from going after what you want in life. I admire your ability to address tough situations and injustices in the world, speaking truth and shedding light on them with love, humor, and respect. You’re a … read more… Andrea Prentiss

Lisa Zibelli-Tetzloff

Alycia has always been an inspiration to me she has always been courageous and nothing has ever stopped her from doing anything she is the best person I know and she is my hero!

Steve Wunch

Alycia’s message about Diversity and Inclusion will not only inspire YOU to see the world differently…it might just inspire and change your organizations approach to Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace. With a focus on Multifamily, Alycia is spreading a message of love and a mantra of “see people…ALL people and INCLUDE them…make sure you … read more… Steve Wunch