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Robert Kamilli

Alycia inspires me in so many ways. One moment that stands out is when she came to our ASU Empower conference to speak about inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. Her approach allowed tough conversations to take place that had needed to happen for a long time. On a personal note, Alycia’s intelligence, persistence and … read more… Robert Kamilli

Mary Doolin

I met Alycia when I was a camp counselor for young people to participate in Wheelchair sports and meet other kids with disabilities. We played tennis together and it was fun!!!!! Then she became a waitress at a yummy Mexican restaurant and went to college at the same time. I was so impressed with her … read more… Mary Doolin

Kerri Vanderbom

alycia with bridesmaid kerri at wedding rehearsal dinner

With the ups and downs in life, Alycia radiates positivity and kindness. She is incredibly ambitious and hardworking- setting her goals and reaching them: from that time in 2004 when she picked out a Christmas tree three times the size of us, we unloaded it from the car, dragged it 50 yards into our flat … read more… Kerri Vanderbom

Dee Henry

alycia teaching a wheelchair tennis clinic with juniors

My first memory of Alycia was of seeing a photo of her, in the original “how to teach wheelchair tennis” book. She was quite young but had the most beautiful smile. As I attended wheelchair tennis tournaments, I was able to meet her and we became better acquainted. Alycia had a friend, Jenee, who organized … read more… Dee Henry

Brad Parks

I first met Alycia and her twin sister, Regina when they were 4 years old. Her parents brought the girls to our first wheelchair tennis exhibition and clinic where we announced the formation of the National Foundation for Wheelchair Tennis to begin the development of the sport. Alycia’s mom asked if I would teach the … read more… Brad Parks

Corinna Busciglio

Alycia is such a strong, inspiring woman! She always takes a can do attitude and accomplishes all things she sets her mind to! She is the best sister, best friend, best confidant anyone could ever ask for. She is my hero and your family could not be more proud of you! Love you sis!

Lisa Tufano

Alycia is such an amazing woman. I had always heard great things about her in the multifamily industry (along with her twin sister, Regina) from mutual friends and customers, but we didn’t have many opportunities to cross paths until she joined the sales team at Knock. Alycia models leadership, excellence and an understanding of what … read more… Lisa Tufano

Linda Lee

Alycia you have always been an inspiration to everyone that meets you. Even as a child you never let your disability keep you from doing anything. You learned to play tennis and took dance lessons as a child. Becoming a waitress as a teenager going on to graduate from college with a master’s degree and … read more… Linda Lee

Jonathan Prentiss

Aunt Alycia inspires me to not give up no matter the struggle. Love you so much