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Episode 8 – Embracing Inclusivity | Adaptive Yoga + A.P.E. with Carli Ross

Published: Thursday August 10, 2023

Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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In this episode of “Pushing Forward with Alycia

Alycia welcomes Carli Ross, an adaptive physical education leader and the founder of Carli B Yoga, to share the transformative work she is doing to advocate with adaptive yoga and adaptive physical education and create a world if inclusion for everyone.

Carli Ross’s dedication to inclusivity and education is always evolving. As an educator and international coordinator in adaptive physical education, she has been a leader in breaking barriers and where everyone can thrive. Carli’s passion for creating personalized plans for students with disabilities shows her commitment to advocacy and support for individuals of all abilities.

Physical education and movement was the single, most foundational skill I was ever taught

Alycia Anderson

Carli B. Yoga and inclusion

Carli created an adaptive yoga program designed to empower individuals of diverse abilities, called Carli B. Yoga. Learn the power of adaptive yoga as it creates a welcoming and nurturing community where everyone can embrace their unique abilities and find a place of belonging.

What are IEPs?

Carli advocates for inclusive physical education and individualized education plans (IEPs) for students with disabilities. These plans play a pivotal role in ensuring that every student receives the support they need to thrive in physical education and beyond. It’s true advocacy at its core.

Creating a world of inclusivity

Join Alycia Anderson and Carli Ross as they celebrates the impact of adaptive physical education. Together, they inspire change, ignite passion, and foster a world where everyone can “Push Forward” with confidence and embrace their abilities.

In this episode:

  • The podcast begins with a quote from Magic Johnson that resonated with Alycia and reminded her of some special in her childhood.
  • Discover Carli’s remarkable achievements as an educator, international project coordinator, and adaptive yoga advocate, championing inclusion worldwide.
  • Alycia and Carli discuss their shared passion for dismantling societal barriers and fostering inclusion, nurturing a world of possibilities.
  • Hear how Carli’s adaptive yoga program, empowering individuals with diverse abilities to embrace their potential and celebrate their uniqueness.

Connect with Carli and learn about inclusion with Yoga and Adaptive P.E.

inclusion leader, carli b ross, in standing namaste position

Visit her website, Carli B Yoga, or connect on LinkedIn and Instagram where you can explore her adaptive yoga program and access valuable resources for inclusion.

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