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Accessibility in the workplace

Published: Tuesday April 11, 2023
heading of image says did you know alycia on stage with slide that says 98 percent of worlds top websites are not fully accessible

Accessibility in the workplace creates an environment where employees with disabilities can access and participate. This includes things such as physical accessibility, providing accessible entrances, restrooms, and workstations, as well as technological accessibility, providing assistive technology and accessible digital content. Accessibility at work is not only a legal requirement under the Americans with Disabilities Act … read more… Accessibility in the workplace

“Can I say disability?”

Published: Monday April 10, 2023
ID: Testimonial sent to Alycia that reads: Hi Alycia. Happy Friday! I wanted to share with you that, because of your speech and message at the conference, I've started using the word "disability" when speaking to teachers and parents. This is something new for me because, like many people, I was tip toe-ing around the word, not realizing that's actually perpetuating the negative stigma around disabilities.

Language is POWERFUL! And YES, it definitely matters. Language is a fundamental part of our human connection and it shapes the way we think, perceive and interact with the world around us and others. The words we use to communicate and, and the way we use them, can have a profound impact on our relationships, … read more… “Can I say disability?”

Disability Inclusion?

Published: Thursday April 6, 2023
Alycia pushing wheelchair up a ramp wearing a jean jacket and black plants smiling

Disability inclusion is an active, intentional and meaningful participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of society and workplaces. It occurs by offering environments, policies, and practices that empower people with disabilities to fully participate in and contribute to society. Disability inclusion removes physical, social, and attitudinal barriers that prevent people with disabilities from … read more… Disability Inclusion?

International Women’s Day (IWD) – Disabled Women, Ableism and Sexism

Published: Wednesday March 8, 2023
Cartoon of woman in a wheelchair with flowers behind her hugging herself.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a day we celebrate and acknowledge the women’s rights movement and highlight the inequities that still exist for women around the globe. In honoring the efforts of all women from around the globe who have been pushing forward the movement, this year’s theme is #EmbracingEquity. Approximately 300 million women around … read more… International Women’s Day (IWD) – Disabled Women, Ableism and Sexism

Ableism is a myth, that typical abilities superior

Published: Monday February 13, 2023
ID: First photo Patrick Mahomes with referee bent over in pain from hurt ankle playing in the Super Bowl. Second photo Patrick Mahomes holding SuperBowl trophy after winning.

#Ableism is a myth, that typical abilities are superior over those with disabilities. Disability can be temporary, permanent, situational or onset. #Believe in #Possible ? #MondayMotivation #SuperBowl #SuperBowl2023 #Inclusion #Diversity #Intersectionality #RepresentationMatters #Goals #DisablingAbleism #Football #NFL #NFLNews @nfl #Disability #DisabilityAwareness #Adaptability #Adaptive #Sports @patrickmahomes

CAHPERD 2023 State Conference!

Published: Thursday February 9, 2023
ID: Alycia wearing all black sitting in wheelchair with dark blue marketing announcement of CAHPERD 2023 conference that says be sure to attend. Alycia session on disabling ableism.

I’m thrilled to be invited as a keynote speaker at CAHPERD 2023 State Conference! This is a full circle moment for me! My undergraduate degree is in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Adapted Physical Education so to say I’m excited to spend time “creating connections and building bridges” together with the California Association for Health, … read more… CAHPERD 2023 State Conference!

A picture worth a million words!

Published: Wednesday February 8, 2023
ID: Mama Cax proudly strutting down catwalks on her prosthetic leg with vibrant sun and moon and nature behind her.

Can you say a picture is worth a million words! WOW! In honor of Black History Month, Google’s Doodle recognizes Haitian American model and disability rights advocate Mama Cax. This is absolutely stunning imagery, depicting the diversity of identity and the many layers of intersectionality within the human experience. Mama Cax was a model and … read more… A picture worth a million words!

Black History Month and the Disability Rights Movement

Published: Wednesday February 1, 2023
ID: Brad Lomax with Judith Heumann both disability rights advocates bit sitting in their wheelchairs. Brad holding a microphone speaking to the crowd.

Much of the achievements in impactful change for marginalized groups in America has been led by Black Americans with disabilities. The facts are the civil rights movement had a significant and direct impact on the advancements of the disability rights movement. This month as we honor #BlackHistoryMonth and its importance, let us remember to lift up Black Americans … read more… Black History Month and the Disability Rights Movement

Include Disability in 2023 DEI Strategies!

Published: Thursday January 19, 2023
Green image that says in white Include Disability in 2023 DEI Strategies?

Have you created space in your 2023 DEI strategies to include Disability? If not here are some reasons why you should: ️??Disability intersects with all identities that are traditionally included in DEI strategies such as Race and Ethnicity, Gender, Religion, Culture and Sexual Orientation. The effort benefits all of us! ️ ??15% of our global … read more… Include Disability in 2023 DEI Strategies!