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Include Disability in 2023 DEI Strategies!

Published: Thursday January 19, 2023
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Have you created space in your 2023 DEI strategies to include Disability?

If not here are some reasons why you should:

️??Disability intersects with all identities that are traditionally included in DEI strategies such as Race and Ethnicity, Gender, Religion, Culture and Sexual Orientation.

The effort benefits all of us!

️ ??15% of our global population, more than one billion people are disabled World Health Organization. Think of all of the talent your organization is missing out on!

️?? People with disabilities bring unique perspectives and expertise into the workplace that drive innovation, advancing business and product development through Accessible Design.

️?? Life experiences of employees with disabilities promote an inclusive work culture that drives forward DEI initiatives and company culture globally.

️ ??Representation Matters and it opens up work environments where everyone feels considered, creating a safe place to express diverse opinions that advances DEI efforts and business goal all around!

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