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Reflecting on Siemens Belonging Day

Published: Wednesday April 17, 2024
belonging day april sixteenth alycia anderson spoke for siemens delivering her getting to the heart of disabling ableism in the workplace keynote

Siemens Belonging Day was a celebration of inclusivity led by Alycia Anderson’s keynote, “Getting to the Heart of Disabling Ableism in the Workplace.” Nichelle Grant’s role in fostering disability inclusion paved the way for this event. Alycia’s return marked a milestone in their partnership, emphasizing the importance of belonging. The collaboration exemplifies commitment to DEI, driving positive change. Belonging Day fostered learning and reflection, reinforcing the transformative impact of inclusivity initiatives.

University of Lynchburg Schewel Lecture Series

Published: Tuesday March 26, 2024
alycia on stage at university of lynchburg

Alycia Anderson delivered her keynote speech, “Getting to the Heart of Disabling Ableism,” at the University of Lynchburg’s Schewel Lecture Series on March 20, 2024. The event aims to educate and discuss vital topics. This year focused on disability inclusion and combatting ableism. Anderson expressed gratitude for the opportunity and thanked university officials and mentors for their support.

Empowering Minds: Alycia’s Experience at the 2024 NAMI Youth Symposium

Published: Saturday March 23, 2024
alycia sitting in her wheelchair below a large screen projecting the nami california logo

Alycia’s participation in the 2024 NAMI Youth Symposium showcased her dedication to mental health advocacy. Collaborating with NAMI California underscored the importance of eradicating stigma and ensuring access to mental health services. The event provided a platform for meaningful dialogue and action-oriented discussions, inspiring attendees to make a positive impact. Alycia emphasized the importance of collective action and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to building a more inclusive society.

International Women’s Day Keynote at Humana

Published: Friday March 8, 2024
Alycia with a group of Women at Humana event

On International Women’s Day, I joined a diverse gathering at Humana Headquarters, celebrating women’s solidarity and power. Organized by Access, DEI, and Women’s NRGs, the event united hundreds in-person and over a thousand virtually. As keynote speaker, I highlighted disability inclusion. Notable figures like Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman and Humana CFO Susan Diamond contributed, making it a jubilant affair with music, food, and inspiring touches.

Disabling Ableism at MTSA Conference 2024

Published: Monday March 4, 2024
alycia sitting in front of the michigan state capital building in her wheelchair

On February 21, 2024, I delivered the opening keynote at the Michigan Transition Services Association’s annual conference, addressing disability inclusion. MTSA supports educators, agencies, parents, and individuals with disabilities. Grateful for the opportunity to share “The Heart of Inclusion” and “Disabling Ableism” with over 2,000 attendees, I commend MTSA’s impactful work.

2024 Kick Off Event Murrieta Valley Unified No Child Left Behind

Published: Wednesday January 17, 2024
Alycia sitting in a wheelchair on stage in front of a large audience.

I had the exciting opportunity to kickoff 2024 by speaking for Murrieta Valley Unified School District! I shared my Heart of Inclusion speech with the approximately 3,000 teachers and administrators that care for 11 elementary, 4 middle and 3 high schools in the Southern California school district. It was a very successful 3 engagement in … read more… 2024 Kick Off Event Murrieta Valley Unified No Child Left Behind

Sparkle and Shine like You’re on the Victoria’s Secret Stage

Published: Wednesday November 1, 2023
alycia speaking on victorias secret stage in front of christmas trees and presents

May you sparkle and shine every day just like you were on the Victoria’s Secret stage. Dreams come true if you believe deeply, work really hard and lead with heart and conviction. Last month I rolled onto the Victoria’s Secret & Co. stage at their Columbus, Ohio headquarters. O-M-G a dream come true. This is … read more… Sparkle and Shine like You’re on the Victoria’s Secret Stage

Comcast/NBCUniversal accessibility & inclusivity

Published: Thursday October 26, 2023
Alycia sitting in her studio in front of her computer after her COMCAST/NBC keynote. She is wearing a green jacket and black pants and tennis shoes pointing at her computer with the COMCAST/NBC logo and ring light behind her.

“Disability isn’t the lack of ability, it’s the lack of a solution” Comcast -Accessibility. I am grateful for the opportunity today to contribute to this important conversation during the “Comcast Accessibility: October #NDEAM Speaker Series” virtual event! I am truly inspired by Comcast & NBCUniversal dedication to accessibility and inclusivity. It’s not just about creating products and services for people with disabilities, but also about empowering … read more… Comcast/NBCUniversal accessibility & inclusivity

Siemens & NDEAM Keynote!

Published: Wednesday October 25, 2023
ID: Alycia wearing all black sitting in her wheelchair at her home studio in front of a table with a laptop showing the Siemens logo.

Thank you Siemens, it was an honor to deliver my speech, Disabling Ableism in the Workplace, to your global team today. The outpouring of support and confirmation in the event chat string verified that the message was received and it gave me a great sense of validation in the DEI & Accessibility work that I do. … read more… Siemens & NDEAM Keynote!

Virtual Keynote for Motive

Published: Monday October 23, 2023
alycia sitting in her wheelchair wearing a leopard skin blouse giving a thumbs up and pointing at her laptop with the motive logo showing on it

Thank you Motive for the opportunity to contribute to your #NDEAM Speaker Series virtual event and for recognizing the importance of National Disability Employment Awareness Month! I was excited to deliver my Disabling Ableism in the Workplace keynote for your team. Motive is a technology company that builds products to improve the safety, productivity, and profitability … read more… Virtual Keynote for Motive