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DEI + Accessibility as a Strategies

Published: Thursday March 9, 2023

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) are strategies that promote representation & participation of everyone no matter our background. No matter where we come from, and no matter what intersections make up who each of us are individually (age, race, culture, disability & ability, genders, religions, and sexual orientations…all of it).

Accessibility ensures that participation is possible. No matter what our ability level may be in any given activity, situation or environment. (DEIA)

Keep in mind that what makes up who we are evolves and changes over time throughout our lifetimes. An example of this is aging and/or becoming disabled.

DEI+A at work is taking very deliberate and thoughtful actions to shift behaviors, and practices toward equitable and inclusive environments for individuals, teams, and the organization itself.

☑ Diversity is who we are. It’s how we differ. It’s what makes life interesting.

☑ Equity is how we get there. It’s unbiased and adaptable access to life’s opportunities.

☑ Inclusion is what we do. It’s a deliberate action. It’s where all members of one group are invited to be members of another and vice versa

✅ Accessibility is for all of us! It’s the catalyst in making information, technology, employment, activities and environments meaningful AND usable for ALL abilities.

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