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Episode 1 – Meet Alycia Anderson | Disability Advocate

Published: Thursday June 29, 2023

Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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Welcome to Pushing Forward with Alycia!

In today’s episode, meet Alycia Anderson, a fierce disability advocate and TedX speaker who is on a mission to empower change by disabling ableism.

Alycia’s Journey to Disabling Ableism

Prepare to be inspired as Alycia shares her personal story of resilience and overcoming the countless obstacles she has faced due to ableism. From doctors recommending she be placed in long term care after birth to being denied opportunities for inclusion in school or the workplace, Alycia has experienced it all. Instead of allowing these challenges to define her, she has turned them into fuel for her advocacy work.

In our first episode you’ll gain insights into:

  • What is ableism?
  • Alycia’s journey of self-discovery and finding her voice as a disability advocate in the DEI + diversity community
  • Eye-opening examples of ableism’s impact on disabled individuals’ lives and opportunities
  • How do we dismantle and combat ableism to foster a more inclusive and accepting society?
  • Alycia’s empowering message for disabled individuals who are navigating their own paths

Join us

As we delve into the depths of ableism and uncover the power of advocacy, education, and allyship. Alycia’s incredible resilience and unwavering dedication will leave you motivated to join the fight against ableism and make a difference in the lives of disabled individuals.

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Stay tuned for more inspiring conversations on Pushing Forward with Alycia. Open hearts, clear paths. Let’s go.