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Pushing Forward with Alycia: Episode 3 – Disability Pride Month | Embracing Identity

Published: Thursday July 6, 2023

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Welcome back to Pushing Forward with Alycia!

In today’s episode, Alycia Anderson, a fierce disability advocate and TedX speaker, continues to share her mission to empower change by disabling ableism and celebrating disability pride.

In this episode

We kick off Disability Pride Month by discussing the significance of celebrating the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Join Alycia and special guest, business partner and husband, Marty, as they explore the empowering aspects of disability, the challenges faced by the disabled community, and the importance of embracing our identities. Through their personal stories and experiences, Alycia and Marty challenge the notion that disability should be seen as a limitation and instead embrace it as an integral part of one’s identity.


How disability pride can empower individuals, dismantle ableism, and pave the way for a more inclusive and accepting world. Discover the true power and potential of disabled individuals and learn how we can create inclusive spaces for everyone.

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