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Pushing Forward with Alycia: Episode 6 – Invisible Disability | Joze Piranian

Published: Thursday July 27, 2023

Pushing Forward with Alycia | A Disability Podcast

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Disability Pride Month

In this episode of Pushing Forward with Alycia, we wind down Disability Pride Month by featuring inspirational Joze Piranian – a global speaker, trainer, and coach, and personal friend of Alycia’s. Joze champions inclusion and resilience, overcoming personal obstacles to become an acclaimed public speaker. With his captivating story and valuable insights on invisible disablity, Joze is truly shaping the world, one stutter at a time.

Joze Piranian – A Journey of Transformation – Invisible Disablity

A five-time TEDx speaker, a Forbes-featured stand-up comedian, and the 2017 Inspirational Speaker of the Year, Joze Piranian has made a profound impact across continents and cultures. He’s spoken to global giants like Boeing, Google, Tesla, Meta, and TikTok, inspiring millions with his talks on inclusion and resilience. However, his journey hasn’t been an easy one, as Joze has had to overcome many obstacles to get to the place where he is today.

Episode Highlights

  • Confronting Adversity: Joze shares his personal journey of transformation through his invisible disability and his hard-earned insights about conquering fears and healing through laughter. His approach to adversity is not about the elimination of obstacles but changing our relationship with them.
  • Growing Up Different: Joze talks about growing up in the Middle East and the challenges he faced due to a lack of awareness about ways people can be different.
  • The Power of Silence and Avoidance: For a large part of his life, silence and avoidance were Joze’s “heroes,” protecting him from potentially hurtful reactions. This profoundly impacted his life and choices and learning how his invisible disability to his advantage.
  • Rumi and Freedom: Joze discusses the impact of the famous Rumi quote, “Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?” and its relevance to his life.
  • Changing The Relationship with Obstacles: He highlights the significance of understanding our internal obstacles and changing our relationship with them, using his own journey with stuttering as an example.

Connect with Invisibility Disability Speaker, Joze Piranian

Joze is helping people who hold back turn fear into action so that they overcome their “inner stutter” and unlock their true potential in life through their invisible disability. By empowering others to own their uniqueness and conquer their obstacles, Joze delivers transformational experiences allowing his keynote audience members and coaching clients to access the hidden powers of fear and become champions of inclusion.

joze piranian in suit and tie

Visit Joze’s website. Follow him on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up with his work and appearances.

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