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Published: Saturday August 7, 2021

I was invited to speak at #DonCon this weekend on inclusion and accessibility rights. The theory of inclusion of people with disabilities is not possible without access so this is a VERY important conversation . This is an event put on by our youth. High school and college leaders and change-makers!

#DONCON Mission:

“In the age of media and technology, the importance of youth engagement is greater now more than ever if we wish to create long and everlasting change. #DONCON: The Youth Power Conference is centered around providing not only a voice, but also resources, support, and a community to this country’s youth. DON CON aims to facilitate expanded awareness and preparedness for the turbulent climate we are all enduring. The conference will include engaging sessions on intersectionality, LGBTQ+ rights, feminism, accessibility rights, and a holistic analysis of civic responsibility.

Grateful to our youth for including disability in this most important conversation! I’m thrilled to be a part of it! ♥️

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