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It’s Invisible Disabilities Awareness Week!

Published: Sunday October 17, 2021

Monday marked the first day of Invisible Disabilities Awareness Week! A week to educate society about the progress we still need to make towards acceptance of all disabilities including the invisible ones.

“About 25% of U.S. adults have a disability, and most invisible disability metrics in the U.S. say that roughly as high as 20% (or more) of Americans have an invisible disability.”

In this article written by @understood on “understanding invisible disabilities in the workplace” they recommend 3 things to help employees with disabilities in the workplace.

1. Make employees feel comfortable disclosing their disability.

2. Review the type of accommodations your company offers for people with disabilities.

3. Offer services and support for people with disabilities.

4. My recommendation, HIRE people with disabilities. Their expertise in accessibility is invaluable to organizational success!

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