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When Autumn Comes Podcast

Published: Monday May 9, 2022

Episode 54: Alycia | Widening Doors

I had the amazing opportunity to be a guest on the When Autumn Comes podcast last week, an organization that provides a place for special needs parents to share hope, stories and resources to other families of children with varying abilities, in different phases of their journey.

This is the type of conversation that means the most because I can gift my experience of the beautiful path that is often hard to see at first glance in the midst of the journey.

We discussed the hard challenges and great opportunities of raising children with disabilities.

This is exactly why I started speaking to share my insight with those going through it today and into tomorrow. To be a voice of a grown child similar to the children these parents are caring for now.

Susan and Diane asked the hard questions and I was so happy to share.

I hope this helps the many parents out there needed resources! ❤️

Thank you to Susan and Diane for having me on your podcast When Autumn Comes.

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