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Oh yeah! National Disability Employment Awareness Month(NDEAM)! 

Published: Monday October 3, 2022

Oh yeah! It’s October and that means it’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month(NDEAM)! 

October is a month to raise awareness of the employment needs and contributions of individuals with all types of disabilities that can be carried on throughout the year!

It’s a month to educate and empower employers and employees about the need for greater numbers of employment in the disability community and accessibility.

NDEAM is a time to recognize:

⭐️ Who has found a seat at the table of employment opportunity
⭐️ Who has yet to find a seat at the table of employment opportunity
⭐️ And to lift up the voices of those who still need to be heard

?Here are some tips to help guide you all month long!

Promote learning:

✅ Launch a disability employee resource group
✅ Implement HR recruiting initiatives for hiring people with disabilities
✅ Hire people with disabilities to be the experts
✅ Expand accessibility/accommodation initiatives in your policies & departments
✅ Offer Microlearning Training on Disabling Ableism for your employees or as part of your onboarding process (DM me!) ☺️

#Amplify voices/stories:

? Host a guest speaker series or lunch & learn (DM me!) ☺️

?  Include a piece of disability literature in your book club  – Demystifying Disability by Emily Ladau (very good!)

? Watch a documentary – Crip Camp Netflix a raw look at a period of the disability rights movement

❌ Watch a TEDx Talk (a few suggestions):
? Disabling Ableism. The Modern Pathway to Inclusion Mine ☺️
? The pandemic’s influence on accessibility | Meryl Evans, CPACC (deaf)
? Our fight for disability rights — and why we’re not done yet | Judith Heumann

? Subscribe to PodCast –Disability Solutions

Let’s continue to explore the conversation!

Please connect with me! 

ID: Alycia speaking on stage at Chico State University wearing all black sitting in her wheelchair front of a screen with photos of her as a waitress in her wheelchair. Photo caption :tips on how to be successful during National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

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