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Published: Saturday January 1, 2022

The last few years I have chosen a word of the year. This word helps me visualize my professional goals and guides me daily, motivating me and holding me accountable throughout the year.

2019 was YES – The goal: Challenge myself to say yes to any and all new opportunities that came my way. Result – The doors flew open in accepting my purpose and defining my dreams.

2020 was Determination – The goal: Roll the paths of the completely unknown found in the opportunities from saying Yes. Result – My company was officially established and opened for business, The Alycia Anderson Company!

2021 was Exposure – The goal: Establish myself as a recognized and reputable international speaker, influencer, leader, teacher and adovocate in the #Diversity#Equity#Inclusion and #Accessibility space. Result – Over 40 combined speeches, events, and interviews including my first TEDx Talk and culminated into full time self employment!

2022 I choose Rise – The goal: To rise up to the occasion of opportunity that is literally in front of me now. Success in this is not an option. Like the sun has a specific purpose every morning to rise up and do what it is meant to do, so shall I. I choose to be bold and intentional with the decisions and direction I take my business and through my message I will continue to positively impact change through sharing what I have learned.

Happy Fresh New Year!!

2022 #LetsRise#Together

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