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Keynote Speaker at Wyoming Developmental Disabilities Conference

Published: Sunday June 11, 2023
Alycia wearing all black popping a wheelie in her wheelchair in an advertisement for Wyoming Developmental Disabilities Conference on June 8th.

Thank you so much Wyoming Developmental Disabilities Conference for inviting me to be a #KeynoteSpeaker and share my “Heart of Inclusion” message. What an incredible experience! The feeling of community and comorotery was infectious and I’m taking that energy with me! What a gift. Thank you! 

Alycia wearing green on stage giving speech

What is the Wyoming Developmental Disabilities Conference?

The WDDC is the largest developmental disability conference in the state of Wyoming and covers a variety of topics related to disabilities such as advocacy, employment, education, best practices and other critical issues.

Participants include self-advocates/people with disabilities, family members, providers and professionals. The conference brings together a wide range of people and is a great opportunity to network, learn new things, make friends and reconnect. Learn more here

Alycia meeting the attendees after the event and taking photos with them cheering.

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